Maren Wood Midwifery, LLC - Maren Wood, Certified Professional Midwife, RM

I am very excited to be part of the Denver Midwives Collective! Working with other midwives is the best way to provide a strong community for my clients and to make me the best midwife I can be. Midwifery is a journey and I feel very fortunate to be in an area with so many amazing midwives. I love the work I do and I'm grateful for the support of my colleges. 

Denver Midwives Collective has a few key objectives. We want to create more community for families choosing homebirth. We are exploring different ways to do this. Our Facebook page is a great place to go to for news and events. The other focus is supporting midwives to be supported and to be midwives for a long time. This is amazing work and it demands a great deal. We all have families and our families have grown accustom to our regular absence while. What we want to to know that we will have backup for major events and occasional family trips.  This is all part of a give and take that all parents must do in order to have a career and a family.